The Heroes of Tech

Code for All Global Summit. 8-11 October 2018, Crystal Palace Ballrooms, Bucharest

The Heroes are coming

It is time for a new league of heroes to take charge. Join us between 8-11 October in Bucharest for the most important event of the year. Let us break the silence and discuss the barriers, challenges and the future of civic technology. It is the moment in time where we need the most to find a common taxonomy in civic tech and to engage in an over the board dialogue in order to take the use of technology for social change to the next level.

Thus, we invite you to take part in the first open doors Code for All global summit, where every great mind of civic tech will join. Let us take the opportunity to debate over models, to share knowledge, to plan a great, sustainable future for the positive change we want to bring in the world.


Join us to find out about how much civic tech has changed the world as we know it and who are the people behind technology done for the public good.


Reusability and replication. Find out how you can start a “Code for” chapter in your country and benefit from a global repository of state of the art civic apps.


Fly to Bucharest to learn from the best specialists in civic technology and attend hands-on workshops and sessions with experts and great minds.


Code for All is the largest civic tech network in the world. Meet and partner with civic tech communities and movements from all over the planet. Join us now.

Join the Code for All Global Summit

The work that has been done on a global level in civic tech is worth billions. Thousands and thousands of IT, communication, design and project management have constantly donated their time and skills to bring the necessary change in their communities. The strength of our network is that it allows us to share knowledge, work, and resources to make sure citizens across the world benefit from the progress and advancements a normal society deserves.



Micah Sifry
Micah Sifry
Co-founder and Executive Director @ Civic Hall
Co-founder and executive director of Civic Hall, New York City’s community center for civic tech innovation, ...
Györgyi Bela
Györgyi Bela
Founder @
Györgyi Bela (pronouns: she her hers), MSc in Economics, PhD in Environmental Sciences. She is committed to ...


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Event location

The neighbourhood that will host the Code for All Global Summit is the surviving tip of one of Bucharest’s oldest neighbourhoods. It is also one of the parts of the city that has suffered the most during …continue reading