Day 1: Power and Impact of Civic Technology

Let us do a deep dive into how we define civic technology and how can we can build a stronger movement by strategizing around data use, community building and imagining a shared infrastructure for civic tech.

Day 2 - Scaling Civic Tech

How to best curate knowledge and how to build or scale to meet the global challenges? What are the best ways in which we should be curating knowledge, how will we be scaling from local to global, how do we build global civic tech, what are the best examples of global impact, collaborations & co-creation?

Day 3 - Civic Tech & the Wider Context

Collaboration is key. How do we engage other stakeholders and build for and with them? What are the best practices in designing for social good, how do we map problems to solve, what is the best way to approach both Civic Tech and Gov Tech, how can we work better with civil society, how do we develop into enablers for other actors, what are the best tools and the best education models?

Day 4 - Sustainable Civic Tech

How to create sustainable impact and ripple effect in civic tech? Learn from the best in the field how to create funding strategies and impact and plan how to implement,  how can we do better storytelling & communication and how do we address, the elephant in the room: means of fighting burnout at the organizational and individual level