Day 4 - Sustainable Civic Tech

How to create sustainable impact and ripple effects in civic tech? Learn from the best in the field how to create funding strategies, impact and plan how to implement,  how we can do better storytelling & communication and how to address the elephant in the room: means of fighting burnout at the organizational and individual level.

10:00 – 12:30

Keynote speakers

Location: Bucuresti building

Micah Sifry (Civic Hall)

Khairil Yusof (Sinar Project)

Colombina Schaeffer (Ciudadano Intelligente)

[Ttcat] Min Hsuan Wu (g0v)

Vanessa Herringshaw (HIVOS)

12:30 – 14:00

Lunch Break

14:00 – 15:30

Women in Civic Tech

Session type: Panel

Location: Bucuresti building

The debate revolving around gender equality in all fields is a common topic, therefore civic technology should not make an exception. While we are happy to benefit from great female role models in the field, it is our duty to keep the topic on the global agenda and support women in technology all around the world. Take part in a panel over what a role model looks like, how to change outdated narratives, how to fight the traditional blockages and how we can make our voices heard.

Zombies won’t fight for a better democracy: Fighting Burnout

Session type: Workshop

Location: Roma building – Space 1

This workshop is for those who want to do good and make change and are sometimes struggling to find the balance between personal, professional and activist life.

Storytelling in Civic Tech

Session type: Workshop

Location: Roma building – Space 2

Inspiring stories are what keeps the world moving forward. Learning about how you can make a change is the link between intention and action. This is why we, as civic technologists, need to put our stories out there and continue to share the immense work done in the field to generate awareness and context for communities to get engaged further. What makes a good story? What is the right mixture between words, imagery, channel, timing and narrator? How can tech enhance storytelling?

Challenging the Funding Models

Session type: Strategical Working Group

Location: Viena building – Space 1  [this session continues after the coffee break, until 17.30]

The purpose of this workshop is to share lessons learned on funding in the field of data for accountability and civic tech. Building on lessons learned, participants will split in small groups to deliberate on needs and pressure points from both sides: donors and practitioners. The aim of the workshop is to identify and systematize issues around funding, framing, measurement of impact, and expectation management to inform a critical but constructive dialogue between donors and practitioners. The workshop as 2 main parts:

Part one: 14:00 – 15:30

Kicking off with a keynote from Vanessa Herringshaw, we will share and discuss lessons learned from funding civic tech for accountability. We will split up in small mixed stakeholder groups to dig deeper and surface needs and pressure points from both groups.

Part two: 16:00 – 17:30

Kicking off with a synthesis of discussions from the previous summit days, we will elaborate on possible solutions on how to overcome identified challenges. We will split up in small mixed stakeholder groups to deliberate on the issues and co-create recommendations for the way forward.

Space is a Technology: Civic Hall

Session type: Topical Working Group

Location: Viena building – Space 2

Collision and collaboration. What does a community center for civic tech innovation look like? How can space be used to empower citizens, institutions and companies to collaborate for a better world? This working group brings around the table some of the experienced organisations in turning space into a technology. Join them to learn from their wins and mistakes and to debate the best ways to facilitate the existence of such useful environments.

15:30 – 16:00

Coffee Break

16:00 – 17:30

Lessons from the Global South: What the West Can Learn

Session type: Panel

Location: Bucuresti building

For decades, the West has financed, taught and guided the Global South and Eastern Europe towards building more open and fair societies. On day 4 of the Code for All Summit, we are turning the tables. As the West is facing unprecedented challenges to its rule of law, democratic practices, institutional coherence and human rights, it has a lot to learn from the Global South about not losing hope and navigating uncertain socio-political contexts. The panel will explore strategies in working with government and achieving positive change in difficult socio-political conditions.

Marketing and Advertising in Civic Tech

Session type: Workshop

Location: Roma building – Space 2

Communication is key regardless of the industry we activate in. Just like technology, the channels and language of storytelling have changed dramatically in the past decade and we need to keep up with our audiences and their behaviors. How to make sure your message uses the right format and channel? How to make use of advertising and digital marketing to have your voice heard? How can you bring the civic tech solutions at the fingertips of those who need them the most? Let us find out together.